ENERGYCATCHER is an award-winning device that saves money on your gas bills, saves precious gas supplies, and helps to lower carbon emissions. You could immediately save up to 5% on your heating bills and with a low initial cost, ENERGYCATCHER will pay for itself within two to three years.

Any home with a gas-fired combination boiler can benefit from ENERGYCATCHER technology and help the environment at the same time.

  • Saves money

    Ravenheat's ENERGYCATCHER can save up to 52% on the cost of hot water. That's on top of the savings you already get with Ravenheat high efficiency boilers!

  • Recycles heat

    Ravenheat's ENERGYCATCHER recycles heat from flue gasses which would otherwise be wasted, saving gas and money.

  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions

    Ravenheat's ENERGYCATCHER means you get more useful heat from less gas, so you reduce carbon emissions by up to 1000kg per year.

  • Saves water

    Ravenheat's ENERGYCATCHER means hot hot water gets to your tap quicker, so you waste less water when you turn on the tap.